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We ride the evening wind on wings of leather
We fly, but do not have a single feather
A fifth of the world’s furred beasts known
The only order that has truly flown

Our calls echo throughout the night
For that is how we guide our flight
Too high pitched for you to hear
Clicks silent to the unaided ear

The majority of us eat bugs that fly
clearing moths from the dark sky
Many of us eat nectar and fruit
With doglike faces that are rather cute
They call that kind the flying fox
A few drink blood from the ox

Caves are where most of us dwell
Trees or the church tower’s bell
We clutch the ceiling with our feet
Or let go as our wings begin to beat

The smallest species of our kind
An inch or so from head to hind
At seven hundreths of an ounce
Five inches of wingspan pounce

The large flying fox, five feet across
compared to the bumblebee, an albatross
Sixteen inches from rear to crest
At two pounds, one of our largest

In species, twelve hundred strong
United by hands with fingers quite long
Look at the bones that make up my wing
Now look at your hand, it’s the same thing

Notable among us are the honduran whites
Who rest in leafy tents between flights
They chew the center with yellow nosed snouts
and the leaf falls down to make their hangouts

Three vampires make us look bad
They feed off cows and make farmers mad
They are considered disease spreading pests
While a drug from their spit is in clinical tests

Rousettes click their tongues in caves
Which is not how the rest of that family behaves
Flying foxes rely on their eyes
They don’t use echos to search the skies

The spectral kind bring great fear
Too sneaky for their prey to hear
The largest species that’s carnivorous
Eat the smaller breeds among us

The days might belong to the bird
But at night a different song is heard
The sun sets as the Earth is spinned
And we emerge on the evening wind.
Evening Wind
It has been an injoke with myself that I don't post lit, but I have decided to fly away from that today.  I am not sure what type of poem this belongs under.  I should also post straight song lyrics on dA for a few pieces related to the game I plan on making, like Hear Me and Creature of the Sea.  I was going to hide the lyrics in an artwork, showing a unique representation of sheet music alongside it...
Anyway Enough blabbing, I should just post this
Splash on a dock by BatBlaster
Splash on a dock
I think  I am getting better at drawing otters.  I am not sure if the one on the right is Wave (Splash's brother) or his father.  this is a random joke that came into my head this morning & I drew this afternoon.
Pumpkin Coloring Contest - More bats by BatBlaster
Pumpkin Coloring Contest - More bats
Remember <da:thumb id="407026349">?  Well this year I put four honduran white bats on the pumpkin.  I wonder where my dorm got the picture anyway?
Untitled by BatBlaster
A T-shirt I made Tuesday at craft night.  I also have no idea if this is the right category.  Wait a sec, most people don't even read this text.  I need to practice drawing otters more.
It is a bell.  The plan was to make it animate when you hit it, causing it to play a note and a clapper to fall into place.  The clapper will be color coded to the note it plays...


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Well This is the first Journal Post I did in a while because of something involving Journal Skins.  I suppose I could discuss how I lost my DSi 3 and a half years ago, how I am now a college student majoring in Computer Science, and some third thing.  I should probably post a link to the latest version of my game, since I got Game Maker Studio Pro in January.

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